"In Dogs We Trust" T-shirt - Yorkshire Terrier

"In Dogs We Trust" T-shirt - Yorkshire Terrier

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Introducing our exclusive "In Dogs We Trust" T-shirt collection featuring the hippest and most adorable pups in town! Crafted on the ultra-comfortable Bella Canvas 3001 shirt, these tees are not only a style statement but a testament to canine coolness.

šŸ¾ Design Details:
Witness the fusion of canine charm and hip hop flair as our young, blinged-out puppies steal the spotlight with their diamond and gold grillz. Each pup, meticulously detailed in Pixar 3D style art, showcases a unique personality, rocking various diamond hip hop necklaces with pendants that reflect their puppy preferences - from bones to squeaky toys.

šŸ”„ Style and Comfort:
The Bella Canvas 3001 shirt ensures a soft, breathable, and comfortable fit, making it the perfect canvas for our exclusive puppy designs. Its retail fit and unisex sizing make it a versatile choice for dog lovers of all shapes and sizes.

šŸŒŸ Statement Piece:
"In Dogs We Trust" boldly graces each shirt, reinforcing the universal bond we share with our four-legged friends. Whether you're a canine connoisseur or a fashion-forward trendsetter, these shirts make a statement about your love for dogs and your appreciation for unique, stylish design.

šŸŽ Perfect Gift:
Looking for a gift for the dog lover in your life? These shirts are the ultimate surprise for birthdays, holidays, or just because. With their eye-catching design and superior comfort, they are sure to become a wardrobe favorite.

šŸŒˆ Diverse Designs:
Choose from a variety of designs featuring different puppy breeds, each with its own distinctive charm. From the playful Pomeranian to the suave French Bulldog, there's a design to suit every dog enthusiast's taste.

šŸŒ Exclusive Limited Edition:
Don't miss out on this exclusive limited edition collection. Each shirt is a wearable work of art, bringing together the worlds of hip hop and puppy love in a way that's both playful and stylish.

Embrace the doggy diva within and let the world know that when it comes to trust, "In Dogs We Trust" is more than just a saying ā€“ it's a lifestyle. Grab your tee now and join the pack!

Size guide

Ā  LENGTH (cm) WIDTH (cm) CHEST (cm)
XS 68.6 42 78.7-86.4
S 71.1 45.7 86.4-94
M 73.7 50.8 96.5-104.1
L 76.2 55.9 106.7-114.3
XL 78.7 61 116.8-124.5
2XL 81.3 66 127-134.6
3XL 83.8 71.1 137.2-144.8
4XL 86.4 76.2 147.3-155
5XL 89 78.7 157.5-165